Assignment 1: Focus & Motion

So for the first assignment that we were given in class was to capture shots that had:

1) Shallow depth of field 2 )Deep depth of field 3) Freeze action and 4) Motion blur.

Amidst tight deadlines and commitments, it was really hard to find time to actually go out and explore new places for inspiration. Even though the assignment this time round wasn’t based much on concept and on technicality, I kinda still felt that a concept would be what I really wanted to go for. Which I did try… but sadly, it didn’t go as well as I thought. But no worries, still have some free time before final portfolio submission so till then I’ll just have to keep taking shots until I can find one that truly expresses what I want to show.

So, for the class critique I had 4 shots of each technique, and here they are!

Shallow Depth of Field

This was the only satisfactory one that I could approve of out of the rest. I love how the words are not just on its own but relative to the subject as well. Kudos to my (un)willing model enkee hahaha. Not saying that she’s a bad person, but as in her usual fashion style goes along the bad-ass kinda way so…. YES i really love this photo. 😀

Then Deep Depth of Field

Had a few tries at it, and these are the few that I liked.

For Blur Motion,

I didn’t quite understand the concept of it, especially regarding the areas that are blurred and the areas that are strictly to be blurred. Tried some different adjustments, and although these 2 are not very ‘blur motion’, I really liked how it came out so I’ll just post it here for personal keepsake!

And for the blur motion I submitted via tutorial critique was this:

And for Freeze Action

Kind of wanted to show a certain concept within each photo, along with a caption but I guess that shall be done when I can finalize which shot I intend to use.

That’s it for now! 😀


Guest Lecture: Lecture 2

For lecture 2, Jing actually invited down a guest speaker to give us a brief crash course on photography. We were told that usually a crash course would take about at least over 14 hours, so I guess this can be considered as a Super Crash Course.

And needless to say, it was really interesting! Especially because there was very clear explanation by the speaker (Lionel Lin) about the few techniques to manipulate light and create certain photo compositions and texture. Well, in his words, the manipulation of light is the most important thing in understanding photography basics. I can’t agree more.

There was mention about the usual tools such as the exposure triangle, otherwise known as : aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Also, stuff such as metering, color calibration, white balance/exposure, RAW vs JPEG and knowledge of certain manipulation techniques were let known to us as well.

It’s especially interesting to me how knowledge about these information can aid us so much in being able to create the photo from the image in our mind. The ability to add focus, or to create a certain sense of emotion or sensation through depth of field is extremely crucial in my opinion. A photo says a thousand words, and I strongly believe that for one to be proud of his/her photo, much of his/her emotions has to be place in it, and those emotions are exactly what should be portrayed in his/her work. Without it, there is no meaning in opening up the photographs because the audience does not share the same history and background as the photographer.

So, what struck me most from the lecture was definitely the ability to bring across emotions through manipulating depth of field (and also shutter speed). I can’t wait to try it out soon!

Getting all prepped up for the porfolio!