Class Exercise 2: Extraordinary within the ordinary

Didn’t manage to attend the tutorial slot this week thanks to my wisdom tooth extraction. I wonder if I missed out a lot! But regardless I thought I’d give the class exercise a try. Though I’m not really sure what the class was told to do.

For me, I kinda conceptualized how something ordinary would appear extraordinary to me, and tried to recall some of those moments where I really wished I had my phone/camera with me to capture down the scene in front of me. A lot of things affect me, and most of the time I find a lot of things that are really beautiful, but only to me. Somehow my friends don’t seem to see it in the same light that I do.

Which brings me to the point of how I think that something extraordinary out of something ordinary is based pretty much on the emotions of the viewer. The current state the viewer is in reflects how he/she views the beauty of the subject as well. One could call that sort of beauty ‘independent of others’ since its kind of like an individual’s emotions. And different kind of beauty can mean different things to different people.

I guess what a photographer can do best is to bring out that beauty from what he/she sees and share it with the rest of us. It’s no easy feat though, because obviously a camera can never capture best how our eyes perceive the scene, and especially when emotions get involved, it is hard to share the same experience with people that one barely know. But I think that’s what makes someone a photographer; when he/she is able to bring out that exquisite side of something ordinary in a photo, and everyone is able to see it as well. The perception might be different, but that beauty all the same is still there.

So here’s my takes on some ordinary things that kinda mean more to me than they usually do. Usually it happens within a split second where I go “omg that was so beautiful” with starstruck eyes. I usually don’t have time to take down those moments, so pretty much here are the ones I tried my hardest getting.

And all of these are my idea of beauty viewed from MY eyes, so even though its only my perception, I hope it gets across to everyone else as well!

So what appeals to you guys? Thought for the night: Think of something you encountered that was extraordinary within the ordinary.

Goodnight oyasumi!


Class Exercise 1: Panning

During our first tutorial we had a brief run-through/crash course from Lionel to teach us more about the works of a DSLR. And of course the ways we could capture deep/shallow depth of field, freeze motion, blur action and all that. The tutorial was kind of a supplement to what I already know (and I bet to most of the people in the class) and it helped a lot, especially in confirming the theories and etc.

Well nearly the end of the tutorial Jing sprang a class exercise on us: Panning. I’ve never really been good at panning. Somehow whatever method I use I can never get my subject to be focused amidst all the blurness. I blame it on my hands that can never stop shaking too much. Hahaha. But, I guess it can be worked on!

So we seperated into groups of 3-4 people and ventured out of the class to search for worthy subjects of our panning exercise. We didn’t have much of choices though; the AS1 corridor, the central library corridor, ADM level one and the few busstops visible to us from the central forum. My group and I tried to take a few photos at the corridors, but sadly we didn’t manage to get any good ones. One BIG problem was that everybody seemed so hostile whenever we whipped out our cameras. They’d either glare at us, or cover their faces. Or walk REALLY fast in hopes that they won’t be caught on camera. Although the main point was to capture them, they didn’t make it any easier for us. Sighs, typical Singaporeans. So that having failed, we ventured downstairs to take panning shots of cars instead. Well, at least they are less hostile.

Here’s one that passed the benchmark! 🙂

So, till the end of the semester, await more exciting photos from here!