Class Exercise 3: Digital Collage/Montage in the Digital Age

During lecture today, we learnt the difference between digital collage and montage, and had many examples shown to us from Jing. I personally liked collages more before I had any major exposure to it, perhaps its the idea of the rugged edges the idea of detachment the idea that you know it’s not a single photo that captured my attention. Many examples were shown to us to teach us how it’s possible to create collages/montages to form a certain aesthetic feel.

We were then given a class exercise to do: find artist(s) that we liked and explain why.

Previously I liked collages more but after googling more of the artists’ works I found that I’m slowly inclining towards montages instead. I love the ‘realism’ within the artpiece yet there’s something so grotesque about it that makes you stop and stare.

Such as Man Ray’s work.

I’m especially fascinated by his photographs actually, and his ‘rayographs’. Love his influences of Dadaism & Surrealism. Awesome works.

This piece by Scott Mutter distracted me by awhile too. Awesomely fantastic.

Besides montages, I liked Julien’s Pacaud’s works as well.He has this comedic effect that estranges the subjects in the artwork but makes it look realistic somehow. And I love how there’s ‘more than meets the eye’ kind of feel to his works. And it’s so urban fantasy as well. Ooh inspirational much?

Well besides Julien Pacaud, Yutaka Inagawa has this piece that’s really nice too. His works are like “gripping urban nightmares, but also emphasizing the cutting grotesque beauty within them”.

Can read more about it here:

and this piece by Hannah Hoch is so pretty I had to post it up here. I realise I’m quite fascinated by colorful things, and really weird juxtaposition.

And finally, here’s one more by Jeff Wall which I really like.

Overall I think I still am a big fan of Julien Pacaud’s works, which I think perhaps half of the world is too. But his works are simply too amazing not to like.

Can’t decide to go for montage or collage for Assignment 3. DILEMMA. 😦
Shall see!



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