Assignment 3: Urban Fantasy

For assignment 3, we had to create a montage/collage with the theme ‘Urban Fantasy’.

To be honest, when I first heard the theme, I was momentarily stunned. What is ‘urban fantasy’?! I’ve never heard of it. Well, if we break it down, it’s just urban + fantasy, but I admit there was a point where I believed it to be more so I tried wikipedia-ing it hahaha.
And so here’s what it says:

And even when I googled images on it, on many portals and on DA, I found pictures of this..

All sorts of weird things came out, fairies, vampires. But I guess I sort of got the gist of what the theme is.

For the concept, I decided to go with the theme ‘Reflection’.
Using some elements such as mirror and the nature, I merged together some stock photos into a collage which I felt best expressed my idea.

This piece expresses an idea of two worlds reflecting each other, and through the mirror we can get a look into another world. The mirror exists also as a portal, where the subject stands in between the two worlds.

The theme of urban fantasy here is blurred; there is no clear distinction on which world is urban and which is fantasy. It is entirely up to the audience to feel which side is more urban or more fantasy to them. As such, it is a subjective collage that I created.

However, when I presented it to the class during critique session, some comments were that they were confused which world was which, bringing up the question on whether my collage fit the assignment criteria. Other comments included saying that the subject in the mirror does not seem to wearing clothes that are urban enough if the other world is fantasy, and vice versa. Suggestions were given to make the surroundings more obvious whether it’s more fantastical or urbanized.

For the final submission, I guess I’ll have to think more about the theme. But most likely, I’ll still keep to the original concept of ‘Reflection’.


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