Final – Exposure Triangle

For the final portfolio, I made some edits and chose the following 4 as best representative of Shallow Depth of Field, Deep Depth of Field, Blur Motion and Freeze Frame.

I must say that this assignment although seemingly the easiest, was actually the most difficult for me as I had to capture both the technical and aesthetic aspect of a subject, and it was at times hard to fulfill both aspects. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself while traveling around to capture these shots.


Shallow Depth of Field
I personally feel a certain attachment to this photo, perhaps its because it’s my ring that my subject is wearing? 🙂
The main focus behind this photo is to show that sometimes, things that we wear and carry around, including the words we speak are all methods in which we reinforce our identity and how we want to be percieved by the world. Therefore, in this photo, the word ‘Bad’ is reinforced together with the subject in the background to create a message to the viewers.

I call this shot “Proof”.

And special thanks to Enqi for being such a *badass* and being willing to be my subject in this shot 🙂

Deep Depth of Field
For this shot, I call it “Playground”.

Visibly, it isn’t a playground and it doesn’t look like the usual playgrounds we imagine in neighbourhoods with slides and swings for the kids to play with. However, in this case, it is a metaphor for a place where people come to “play”.

This shot was taken at Changi Airport’s public viewing mall, and despite being on a weekday, the viewing mall still had many people of all ages just chilling and catching up with friends. For them, it is both a place to relax as well as to indulge in self-thought (if alone like the man in the foreground). I particularly found it interesting to note that different groups of different ages and ethnicity are all grouped together here for their own individual interests, yet sharing a single public space. Their main purpose, I assume, is to have fun. And this is why I called my shot “Playground”, as it is a playground in its own right to each individual who was there.

Another point I like about the photo was the ornaments at the top of the photo which leads the viewer’s eyes further deeper into the back of the photo. Which is just as important as what’s shown in the foreground.

Blur Motion
The story behind taking this shot is actually pretty amusing to me. After a whole day of failed attempts in capturing a blur motion shot (as my hands were too shaky and I didn’t have a tripod with me), while walking down the street on my home near midnight, I suddenly spotted a lone car driving towards my direction. And as if by instinct, I whipped out my camera and managed to capture this shot of the car. It was the only car that passed by during that period of time when I was walking as my neighbourhood don’t get many cars at night, and to top that off the car was also speeding really fast. To me, this was both a surprisingly and sudden shot.

I especially like the blurring of the headlights, forming a mix of red, white and orange hues which also complements the surroundings. The blurring also enhanced the speed of the car, which inspired me to call this shot, “Adrenaline”.

Freeze Frame
This has to be my most favorite shot out of all of the photos in this assignment. The weightlessness and lack of gravity feel in this shot are exactly how I imagined it to be in a world where no gravity exists and water just floats up. Much like the world shown in Pirates of the Carribean where everything gets turned upside down. Through this shot, I wanted to express my imagination of what it would look like if liquids were weightless in a vacuum, and thankfully, this shot turned out like how I wanted it to look.


And so, this concludes the end of the Exposure Triangle Assignment, and these are the 4 finalised photographs I’ve decided to submit in my portfolio. Off to the next assignment, Keitai Phenomenon! 😀


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