Final – Keitai Phenomenon

A brief description of my concept behind this series of photos would be ‘looking through the eyes of a Dancer’.

What inspired me for this series was stereotypes of dancers that have been frequently heard from others. One day I was walking through the AS1 hallway and I overheard a crowd discussing about dancers, and the way hip-hop dancers dress and behave. What has often been stereotyped about dancers is that we are often assumed that we dress in baggy dance clothes and bright dance sneakers 24/7, and we are also loud and noisy. Needless to say, dancers also have a reputation that people assume, and although this is partially true, sometimes I feel that people around dancers tend to forget that we are ‘normal’ just like the rest of them, that we have our “off-days” as well. Outside of the stage, we’re just the same. Being a dancer does not mean we have to show it through our clothes always, the identity is already reinforced inside us, and we can choose to show it depending on our moods.

Therefore, being inspired by this concept, I decided to choose shoes/feets as my main subject as I feel that it is the most representative of a dancer, and also the best way to show the environment and mood of the photographer while he/she takes it. Following the keitai phenomenon, I used my keitai camera to capture these seemingly redundant shots of my feet. I chose a top-down perspective, as I wanted to bring across the feeling of the viewer looking down upon their own shoes while they view the photographs. Also, each photo was taken in a most random place, on the street, on the train, on the bus and even in shops. The last photo was actually taken in H&M, when I met several of my dance friends and we realized that on our “off day” almost all of us were wearing slippers.

From the series of photographs, I wanted to show that sometimes, we shouldn’t stereotype someone a certain way just because of his/her status. We shouldn’t even assume that the President does not wear slippers and FBTS just because he is the president, we also shouldn’t assume someone else wouldn’t behave a certain way because of his/her role in society.

Capturing the most mundane and random moments was one of the priority for me in this assignment. Mundane sharing of photographs are all part of the Keitai phenomenon (and I think its genius), and however banal, such shots are still representative of someone’s life, identity and memories.

I personally love this assignment the most of all 4 projects. Well, what can I say, I love my keitai. ❤


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