Final – Urban Fantasy

Despite really liking my concept for the collage I presented during tutorial class, I decided I had to change the collage a little so as to show the theme Urban Fantasy a little clearer. Although I wanted to leave the audience to decide for themselves which is ‘fantasy’ and which is ‘urban’ for the previous collage, the lack of response from the critiquing session left me wondering if I had to make things more obvious, and hence my reason for re-creating a new collage for this assignment.

And for this collage, I call it “A Leap into the New World”.

Similar to the previous concept, I wanted to show a reflection of 2 worlds vastly different from each other, and in this collage, I placed a mirror on the ground which reflects another world.

The concept behind this collage is simple; its a reflection of our insatiable human nature.

One thing that I’ve learnt is that we humans are never easily satisfied. As the saying goes, “the grass is greener on the other side”, we always seek a different path, a different life than what we have now, believing that the “new” will contain better prospects for us. Anything and everything in the “new life” is bound to be better than the current life we lead. I myself, am guilty of that.
Therefore, to show the expectations we usually have of the new world, I portrayed the subject (woman) as leaping from the frame into the ‘new’ world filled with colors and tall buildings. I tried my best to make the character as un-hesitant and jubilant as much I can, to show the joy she carries over from escaping her old life into her new life.

However, the catch lies in the fact that despite the new world being colorful and seemingly prosperous, it is also barren with only skyscrapers and buildings and no green things living there. I wanted to express the message that while new things are exciting and worth anticipating for, not all new things are always good. Just like how technology is good, yet it is also a double-edged sword. Globalization is beneficial to

us, yet it has also harmed us in most ways.

To make the concept a little less direct, I decided to juxtapose more of the fantasy elements to make the collage seem happier and bright. However, it would be nice if the viewers would be able to understand/see the meaning behind the title, and the collage work.

Many of the stock photos I used in this collage are of buildings such as :

and some photos of the original background:

The effort and practice needed in building the collage here definitely helped a lot with the collages needed for the final project. 😀 Love this assignment as well!








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